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These scan head is the high-end standard that meets even the most challenging demands. With the novel galvo control named 'SCANahead control' and the field-proven dynAXISse galvanometers equipped with digital encoders, excelliSCAN allows its user to achieve previously unreachable levels of dynamic performance and precision. This translates to significant gains in productivity and process accuracy.

intelliSCAN Features

These scanners fulfill the toughest demands for dynamics, flexibility and precision, while also delivering very good marking quality. intelliSCAN's electronics provide comprehensive possibilities for remote diagnostics and communication between the scan system and control computer. All key status parameters are captured in real time.​

hurrySCAN systems

These small apertures deliver exceptional dynamics with high precision – allowing write speeds up to 1,000 CPS. Scan heads with larger apertures are designed for high speeds at laser powers up to the multi-kilowatt range and offer small spot sizes.


These are characterized by their remarkably compact construction. In addition to its robust housing, the SCANcube series offers an attractive price/performance ratio, making it the best choice for your standard applications.

With application-specific tunings, improved linearity and optional read-back functions, the SCANcube IV significantly expands the performance spectrum of the SCANcube series.

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