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FiberCUT® Series

Laser Mechanisms’ FiberCUT® Straight (ST) laser processing head collimates and focuses a fiber-delivered laser beam and directs it along with cutting gas through its nozzle for optimal metal cutting. FiberCUT® ST’s ­nozzle also senses the required tip standoff from the workpiece and automatically maintains that distance through its internal z-axis drive system. The head’s cover glass protects the cutting lens from process debris.

FiberMINI® Series

FiberMINI® is a simple, yet flexible, design that allows the user to configure a compact, lightweight processing head to their specific Fiber Laser application. Available in straight and right-angle versions, the head is capable of cutting a wide range of materials and is also available in various welding configurations. FiberMINI® delivers both user-friendly ­operation and ­reliable ­performance at an attractive price.

FiberWELD® Series

Engineered for harsh production welding applications with a fiber-coupled laser, FiberWELD® is a robust head with simplified plumbing of coolant and gases. FiberWELD®’s easily accessible, protective cover glass helps extend the life of internal optics. Per the end user’s processing requirements, FiberWELD® can be configured with straight or right-angle fiber input, camera viewing, wire feed, air knife, coaxial nozzle, weld monitoring and special focusing optics (twin spot and ­rectangular).

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