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Silverline™ F-theta objective lenses

These specially developed for applications that use high-power and short-pulse lasers. They are fused silica objective lenses that offer minimal absorption for extremely powerful lasers. The F-theta objective lenses in the Silverline™ series are available for applications from 1030 to 1080 nanometers, from 900 to 1100 nanometers, 355 and 266 nanometers.

JENar™ F-theta lenses 

The conventional F-theta objective lenses from Jenoptik offer exceptional durability and enable you to perform high-precision laser material processing. You can use them for the micro structuring, marking and labeling of a wide range of materials. The F-theta lenses come with protective glass. As a special service, we are able to offer you our STEP files, which allow you to integrate the JENar™ F-theta objective lenses quickly and easily into any system.

BEX-series beam expanders

Beam expanders increase or decrease the diameter of a laser beam. In doing so, they enable different components of an optical system to adapt to one another. For example, the diameter of the laser beam at the laser exit point can be adapted to the required diameter at the lens entry point. In particular, beam expanders are used in laser material processing. You can integrate all beam expanders into a variety of beam guiding systems with Jenoptik's F-theta objective lenses.

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