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Laser power up to 1500 W is easily adjusted with intuitive controls to quickly dial in optimum weld settings for various materials and thicknesses. 

With 74 stored preset and user-defined process parameters, novice welders can be trained and welding in a matter of hours. Select stored modes provide up to 2500 W of high peak power for even greater welding and cleaning capability. Clearly labeled rear connections make getting started fast and easy. Laser delivery, gas and gun control is pre-wired in a 5m (optional 10m) cable.                                  

Just plug in the power cord and gas connection, attach the clamp to your work surface and you are ready to go. 


Low Power CW Fiber Laser

From UV to middle infrared, IPG's offers a wide selection of continuous wave(CW) fiber lasers in the low power range (<100 W)


They are used for scientific, R&D and commercial applications, lasers in this power range are offered with options such as wavelengths selectivity, direct analog power modulation, polarization options and more


Mid Power CW Fiber Laser

IPG offers a wide selection of continuous wave (CW) fiber lasers between 100 W and 4kW for commercial and scientific applications.

These lasers combine rugged industrial design and maintenance-free operation with perfect beam mode, high power and pointing stability. Laser power and pointing stability. Laser power can be adjusted over a wide range without affecting optical parameters.


High Power CW Fiber Laser

High power class fiber laser systems range from 1 to 100 kW of average power. These systems are designed to operate in industrial manufacturing environments.

These lasers come with a variety of beam delivery and process head options providing the ultimate flexibility in optimizing one laser for many different applications


Quasi-Fiber Laser

IPG Photonics's quasi continuous wave (QCW) fiber lasers produce peak power 10 times greater in pulsed versus CW mode and are ideal for the replacement of conventional flash-lamp-pumped


YAG lasers used in spot welding, seam welding & drilling. the QCW series fiber lasers can be retrofitted into most existing system. These compact units are substantially more cost-effective than lamp-pumped YAG due to > 30% wall-plug efficiency


Pico & Femtosecond Fiber Laser

IPG Photonics offers green, infrared and Mid-IR picosecond and femtosecond fiber and fiber-to bulk hybrid lasers. Ultra-fast fiber lasers are used in a variety of medical, scientific and material processing applications.


They are ideal for precision micro machining applications such as processing of semiconductors, flat panel displays and various thin-film materials.


Nanosecond Fiber Laser

IPG's nanosecond fiber lasers are ideal for industrial applications from laser ablation, marking, trimming, scribing, micro-machining, diamond and silicon cutting high sped hole drilling.

They feature low divergence and can provide the influence required for high speed marking of both plastic and metals, including highly reflective materials.


IPG Laser Systems

Powered by the best fiber lasers in the industry, IPG laser systems support both high power laser machining and micro laser materials processing applications. Equipped with high precision motor systems, custom optics, beam switches, processing heads and software there is an IPG laser system built to meet the most demanding job shop applications.

Click the button below to find the application you are interested to implement and it will match you up with the laser system for that particular process you require



IPG Photonics collimators are available from to to 200 mm focal length in D25, D30 and D50 packages. The collimators are available with either water-cooled or air-cooled optics, an adjustable focus and are fited with QBH/FCH-8, QD / FCA and FCH-16 bayonet types for easy connection to any of our feed or process fibers


Beam Delivery

IPG Photonics provides the most comprehensive supply of fiber lasers and fiber laser solutions. Adding to the functionality of the lasers and making IPG a one-stop service and support for the entire process, IPG manufactures a complete set of optical beam delivery components including delivery fiber and optics, beam couplers, switches and sharers, processing heads, collimator as well as process control and tooling solutions


Scanning Heads

IPG's complete remote laser processing product line ranges rom diode laser marker to a high-power remote scanning system. With variale spot size/depth of focus, the scanners can also be used for surface treatment applications such as classing, heat treating, marking, paint removal and ablation.

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